We utilize a 5-step plan to be sure we are meeting your marketing needs!

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The first step of our Standard Marketing Plan is identifying where your business currently stands, so we take time to get to know you.

  • Audit of your website for content, user experience, navigation, and SEO

  • Audit of your current social media accounts - platform, content, engagement, consistency, and timing

  • Identification and comparison of competitors, like-companies, and leaders in your industry

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The next step is to discuss your goals and what exactly you are trying to accomplish through your marketing. We then use this to develop a specific Marketing Plan of Action.

  • Specific business and marketing goals identified

  • Website and social media recommendations

  • KPI’s, benchmarks, and ROI measurements determined

  • Editorial calendar created to guide the process

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Now’s the fun part - it’s time to create some content! Some of the content creation does require additional costs, such as photographer costs, etc.

  • Photo Shoot - High quality photos featuring owners, staff, facilities, products, and events

  • Video Shoot - Professionally shot and edited video used to tell your story and provide customer testimonials

  • Content Creation - Professionally designed graphics, edited photos, video clips, audio clips

  • Brand Guide Creation (If needed) - Colors, tone, font, slogans, etc. defined to guide overall look of content

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And now we launch your new marketing strategy!

  • Daily Postings - professional, engaging content posted to to pre-determined social networks that align with your audience, business goals, promos, and events

  • Social Media Campaigns - Short-term campaigns developed for specific promotions, deals, or events

  • Paid Strategy - Social media ads created to reach your target audience determined by specific demographics including gender, age, location, interest, household income, and more

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And finally we measure and report exactly how your new marketing strategy is working.

Monthly Report - you receive a written copy of social media and website analytics as well as any KPI’s or benchmarks pre-determined to track our progress and your return on investment

Monthly Meeting - We also sit down and meet with you monthly for brainstorming, goal setting, and maintenance of strategy to assure your marketing staying on goals and remaining current with company happenings